Physical Therapy Information

Physical Therapy Information
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Let's Learn about Physical Therapy

So, I'm writing a blog.  It's not my first foray into blogging. You see, I am the physical therapy expert at, and I've been writing a blog there for the past few years.
Recently, the higher ups at About have stopped making blogging a requirement for the Experts there. This is a good thing, as the About folks are trying to take things in a different direction, and fulfilling the blog requirements could be a little challenging there.
But, I like blogging.  I enjoy writing in a conversational tone in the first person. So I decided to create this blog.
I'm the owner of Capital Region Physical Therapy, a small private practice in Albany, NY.  Our slogan: Your Pain is Personal.  Shouldn't Your Treatment Be?
The purpose of most of my posts will be about physical therapy, since I am a PT and the PT Expert at  I want you to understand what PT is all about.  I want you to have a basic knowledge of what to expect from your PT if you ever require inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.
Plus, I just want to write about stuff.  I like stuff.
You can learn more about me from my bio page at About, and be sure to check in from time to time to see what I'm up to.